Caffeinated Evening

10 Mar

Tonight is just like any other night. Fleeting thoughts…. I was like floating in the air. My existence seemed vivid, I could hardly notice myself.

I bought instant coffee from a convenience store. I am still feeling a different kind of low, which I have felt all throughout the week. Even excused myself from work yesterday.

Going back to the coffee. I put it to good use with some hot water. Sat alone and quiet in a deserted pantry. Almost everybody went home already. Busy musing I didn’t notice an officemate who greeted me with “O, nagiisa ka na naman jan”.

We talked of things, it went to my travels and stuff. I told her that I have no money for a decent weekend getaway. Of which she then replied…

“Mahirap talaga pag naumpisahan na ang card noh?”

I couldn’t agree more.

Then I told her how I felt sorry that I used my card for nothing.

“Yung mga travel mo… yun na ang investment mo”.

It made me smile.

No, I think this night is a bit different.


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