New Gadget is Love.

17 Jul

The Galaxy Tab has landed!

After a series of mishaps, I finally got the unit for my approved Sun Cellular Elite Plan 2500 (Pls. don’t judge me, I am desperate for a tab ok?). Though the dispute regarding line activation is still ongoing, thanks to the retaliation party of the Sun Cellular – Robinson’s Pioneer… who maybe received a bit of lashing after I filed a complaint against them a month or two ago.

So going back to my new baby…. I still don’t have a name for it. I can tell that I will really like this, even though I haven’t tried the Android Market since I don’t have 3G connection at home (I rely on Wi-fi for this). For the longest time I am in need of a mobile movie player (been thinking of getting a dvd player but this tab is wayyyy better). I like screen clarity, the sound quality, the fact that it is almost like a computer but not, gotta love the quality of the photos I uploaded to the tab from my laptop, the big CALCULATOR is really love love. Calendar app is very useful too!

What I am anticipating the most is the Kindle app. I am a delinquent bookworm, and even though without Kindle I am still finding the ThinkFree useful in reading word file ebooks.

One downside to it is the short battery life. Could have been perfect for me. Hoping to take care of this stuff in the long run. =D

PS: I can edit an MS Excel file on it!!! Yipeeyay!


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