The Materialist in Me

31 Aug

… needs to eat/have/do these items on the lists:

Places to Eat

1. Krazy Garlik

2. Paris Delice

3. Papa John’s Pizza – done

4. Corner Tree Café – done

5. Kitchen Knight

6. Barcino

7. The Collective – not worth it

8. Chef Tatung

9. Binondo Food Tour

10. Galileo Enotica

11. The Real Thing Diner

12. Spicy Fingers

13. Cravings

14. Penpen’s (Tinapa Flakes)

15. Conti’s

16. Wild Ginger’s Pad Thai – done

17. The Sicilian Express

18. Haagen Daz’s Fondue or Ice Cream Cake

19. Bodhi

20. Cyma

21. Ziggurat

22. Dome Café’s Blueberry and Cream Cheese Waffle

23. O’Sonho

To Buy

1. beanbag

2. running shoes

3. trek shoes (any midcut TNF GTX XCR product)

4. headlamp – done (Petzl Tikkina 2)

5. badminton racket

6. decent luggage

7. laptop bag

8. office watch

9. loafers

10. office wardrobe

11. handbag

To Dos

1. visit UP regularly

2. jog every week

3. book + Ayala Triangle

4. skip rope/stretch – partially done

The above-mentioned earthly provisions are found in my black book aka journal, which I have written before the start of the year. Looks like I am running slow on the “Make it Happen” department. Hopefully, more will be crossed out on my lists next time I’ll check. =D


One Response to “The Materialist in Me”

  1. Iya Santos September 1, 2011 at 1:43 am #

    wow! what a long list! 😀 i hope you get to accomplish everything, especially eating in all those restos! personally, i love cyma and barcino. 🙂

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