The Case of teh Stupeds

10 Sep


Today had been pretty usual except for several fails that caused inconveniences along my way.

– went to pick up money from Cebuana Lhuillier that’s one ride away from my dorm. Left the phone that has the text message of the remittance’s reference number at home, since I copied the same in a paper. What I brought with me was my Globe phone, no load. Upon arriving at the branch, I was told that the reference number lacks several numbers. I have to go home since I could not call my mom. Then I realized I have no money with me to cover the fare home, so I walked.

– upon arriving home I checked the text, I mistakenly left out the last 4 digits when I copied it. I passed time before deciding to return to the branch, this time an hour before their closing time. I brought with me the Sun simcard with the text message. Once outside I realized I left my Globe phone at home. I had to return to get it.

– I arrived there, and checked the copied list. Oh darn, I forgot to add the missing digits to my list. I thought of alternatives like going home, only to realize again that my money is not enough. I thought of searching the text messages for the complete reference number, only to realize that the message was not saved to the SIM but rather to my other phone. I thought of calling the sender, only to find that she’s not registered on my phonebook! Good thing she’s in my archive, so I managed to call her from my phone that’s threatening to go lowbatt. I did get the cash eventually.

– I bought an internet card to get a day’s worth of decent blog posting. When I got home, I found that the modem I specifically ensured that I will bring home this weekend, has no SIM card. And I remembered last time that I removed that card for some experimentations with the modem. Darn!

Cumulative stupidities like these does not beleaguer me often so I am a bit overwhelmed at the occurrences of the day. I just hope it doesn’t rollforward to some serious screw-ups. Lols.


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