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Chores Monday

26 Dec

1. Drop by BDO and BPI for remittances.

2. Buy some holiday postcards for some peeps.

3. Finish some blog posts (Mt. Kinabalu climb, Kota Kinabalu trip, Mt. Mayapay FR, Mt. Balatucan FR, Climb summary for 2011)

4. Clean the room!

5. Read some.


Christmas Movie Marathon

25 Dec

Technically Christmas vacation meant we have all the time to waste. I snagged some pirated DVDs, Php25.00 each. Way cheaper than the silverscreen…. but by all means illegal. Here’s my movie playlist for the past 2 days:


1. Adventures of Tintin

2. Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

3. Something Borrowed

4. What’s Your Number?

5. New Year’s Eve

6. Horrible Bosses

7. Hugo

8. Immortals


So far so good…. all DVDs worked well with my laptop. I am kind of leaning towards no-brainer movie… something to watch while doing some chores like folding fresh clothes or stuff. I copied the DVD movie files, stored it in my external drive and plans to dispose of the DVDs.

Christmas Finds: MirrorBook Air

17 Dec



As close as I can get in owning a product from this giant franchise.