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2 Jun

Wow, upon reviewing the contents of this blog, I just realized that my posts were so shallow and mindlessly crafted. No wits, no nothing. Just photos, with no thoughts.

Okay, I think it’s time to seize control of the brain again. Even the zombies would find the brain contents distasteful. I find that my writings nowadays have that hint of formal business-like report style kinda vibe. I don’t hope to get out of it because it is my bread and butter after all, but I might try to lean towards the artsy side.

For the nth time, I have been ranting about the lost creative juices. Each and everytime, I always consider it as the “time” to get out of the stupor. But wow, it didn’t get me anywhere.

So….. so.


This gets me connected nowadays

2 Jun

Red is love

The first ever gadget that I bought (except for my cheap LED-backlit phones). I have been scouring SM North Edsa and Trinoma malls in choosing the best netbook for me.  This is a Lenovo S110 in red, and worth Php15,000 in cash basis. At that time the price of decent netbooks ranges around Php17,000 to Php20,000 hence I considered this as a steal.


The one downside though is that this is running on a Windows Starter OS, and had no MS Office installed. Full keyboard gave a wonderful typing experience, kind of reminiscent of my “real” expensive work laptops back in my SGV days. The guy at the store offered to install Windows Professional OS for Php500.00 but I don’t trust him so I half-heartedly declined.

Lenovo is a brand that I believe in, and I hope that this unit will last for as long as I can afford a new one.