Day 1: Respect

8 May

Today is that start of my happiness project. I figured that an a day-to-day monitoring may be too much of a task for me, so I’d rather share only those days that meant something extra.

1. A wink from “him”.

We’re not in good terms so a simple wink from him is a sign that things might get better later on.
2. Hearing that “least favorite” staff great me “Ma’am” over the phone.

I know this might sound like I’m power tripping, but this girl at the office kind of puts on that nonchalance mode whenever I’m around. Other staff at the office are always greeting me with a happy face, except for her who avoids any eye contact. So I just assume that she doesn’t like me. Today when she answered the phone, I tried to be extra polite to her and told her of my appreciation of her efforts in answering my questions.
3. Sharing a meryenda table with our HR Manager and have some catch-up chismis.

These past few months I have not been as enthusiastically chatting with our HR Manager as before. So when I had the chance, I stayed to accompany her as she’s finishing up her breakfast. She got called up by the boss though.
4. My colleague Manager asked for my permission before getting that extra table.

This is what I call R-E-S-P-E-C-T. There were past incidents where I have felt disrespected by my colleagues, as they get office furnishings from my area without my permission. Even the assigned OJTs were withdrawn without giving me notice.
5. Drafting tax compliance checklist

I may not be as productive as I hope to be, but I finally drafted that darn checklist. I just hope that
6. Buko shake!

Well, what can I say… addicting! Any buko shake will do, except those stalls on LRT/MRT. Tasted not-so-fresh.
7. Finding old shoes from my office things

Some of them can still fit me. I guess it’s like uncovering buried treasures. Lols.
8. Cup of lemonade coolers while staring at a not so busy curbside, gathering my thoughts.

My new favorite cooler-place is Infini-Tea. A friend once commented “ayoko sa kanila, parang kabute lang na nagsusulputan”. I’m glad that I’ve discovered this corner place around Burgos St. near Makati Avenue.


All in all, this seems like a happy day for me. This day is all about respect for me at the office. You may not think of it as important but it has a great impact in one’s over-all self confidence. For me, it’s forgetting the negative thoughts, and basking on the sunshine of happiness.


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