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Such convenience!

30 Jun

CDR King Optical Mouse (php150)

I’m so thankful that I finally dragged my ass to CDR King in Guadalupe mall and bought this lovely mouse. My netbook has a small trackpad and it kinda felt weird under my fingers.  Now, I feel like my browsing time is being cut into half since I can move the cursor twice as fast. This also has a scroll wheel, I don’t need to drag the cursor to the side to scroll up or down… or use the scroll arrows. Plus the cute red design. The 2-hour waiting time on queue at CDR King (nothing new here— no improvement ever since) was well worth it. This mouse is truly ergonomic.

I also snagged a Php80 12-digit calculator. Dirt cheap, and it functions fine. For my sudden calculating needs… this saves time in opening an excel sheet or using my phone calculator. Highly useful during time-constrained moments of computing (read: Triviador math question).

CDR King truly amazes me with their vast collection of knick knacks. Next item to buy is a wand scanner worth around Php2,500. Gotta save up for that. 😀


Change Management

20 Jun


It has been more than a year now since I have taken that leap and never looked back. My life and career is still a work in progress, but I’m thankful to have finally seen the light, that calling which will drive my work path and life decisions in the coming years.

For starters, I’m quite certain now that I want to achieve two certifications that are crucial to my career. Also, I’m definite that I want to take the master studies, and I want to take it in a specific graduate school. And last but not the least, I finally found my work vision and mission.

My experience these past year proves accomplishing my mission is no easy task. You have to master the art of change management for one, on top of continuously honing your technical expertise, honing your project management skills, and developing your relationship management.

For now, I might have to detour from this mission for a greater cause. But when I have set my sight on something, the nagging feeling of accomplishing it lingers. As I’m waiting for my short-term fate, I’ll try to jumpstart this mission by planning ahead, drafting my strategies, and preparing the necessary artillery that I will need to conquer the obstacles and make this dream come true.

I wish me luck. 😀

Dye of disappointment

15 Jun

Tangerine hair with hints of golden luster appealed to me since I saw Bree van de Kamp’s (of Desperate Housewives played by Marcia Cross) hair. Since then, every time I dye my hair I’m always dreaming of the same look as hers.


Love the look, minus the evil smirk. Photo from internet.

With numerous brands from the Supermarket, I am always bordering between Loreal, Revlon or Kolours. In all those times that I stress my knees squatting in front of the dye shelves, I lean towards one particular brand and color.

Elusive. Only in Watson's Guada Tulay.

Elusive. Only in Watson’s Guada Tulay.

Balinese brown by Kolours… may not be as tangerine but it’s as close as I can get. There are no other commercial products that can come this close. I think I shelled out Php250.00 for one box. I’m that cheap so I color my own hair. The smell of the chemicals is nagging on my nose, but I stayed put and decided to let it stay for a few more minutes bringing down the length of chemical soak for about an hour and a half. Finish product, as always, is not what I had hope for. I’m just thankful that the color spread is even this time. Hahaha.



I have heard from someone that you need to bleach your hair if you want to attain a lighter tone. I might do that after I’ve researched the pros and cons of bleaching. And after I am quite sure that my employment is tolerant of out-of-ordinary hair grooming.

Till then, I’ll just make do with this black-tangerine hue. 😀