Such convenience!

30 Jun

CDR King Optical Mouse (php150)

I’m so thankful that I finally dragged my ass to CDR King in Guadalupe mall and bought this lovely mouse. My netbook has a small trackpad and it kinda felt weird under my fingers.  Now, I feel like my browsing time is being cut into half since I can move the cursor twice as fast. This also has a scroll wheel, I don’t need to drag the cursor to the side to scroll up or down… or use the scroll arrows. Plus the cute red design. The 2-hour waiting time on queue at CDR King (nothing new here— no improvement ever since) was well worth it. This mouse is truly ergonomic.

I also snagged a Php80 12-digit calculator. Dirt cheap, and it functions fine. For my sudden calculating needs… this saves time in opening an excel sheet or using my phone calculator. Highly useful during time-constrained moments of computing (read: Triviador math question).

CDR King truly amazes me with their vast collection of knick knacks. Next item to buy is a wand scanner worth around Php2,500. Gotta save up for that. 😀


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