What’s in my bag?

1 Jul

Finally, I’ve felt like joining the bandwagon of the bloggers that feel the need to overshare about the contents of their bag. Not that I’m too nosy, but I find it the contents of their bags quite interesting.

I’m not a bag person, I can do with one bag at a time. Also, I hate labels on fake bags, I’d rather go with generic types. Hence, when I saw this bag lines in Landmark… I thought it’s perfect for my everyday needs.


bag is arte-much

The label indicates it’s a Diorella, I remember buying this for Php600 late last year. I tried accessorizing the plain red jane using a leopard-print hair band and an old necklace from Avon.


few items on slow days

These past few days my bag is pretty light, with the occasional tissue trash. This is what I brought on the contract signing with my new job in Ortigas, and meetup with my brother.

My bag was filled with the following (top to bottom, left to right):

1. orange purse I got from my recent Bicol trip

2. double sided mirror

3. nailcutter

4. small make-up pouch

5. Imari perfume

6. footspray spritzer reused as alcohol container

7. Nivea lipgloss in strawberry

8. wallet containing cash and cards

9. two cheap bracelets

10. PRC license and BDO cash card (outside the wallet)

11. an embarrassing comb

12. planner/notebook

13. 3 pens


Boring stuff, yeah I know. There were days when I feel like my bag has interesting things inside, but clearly today is not one of those days. I hope to overshare more in the coming days, this time probably the contents of my wallet or my make-up kit.






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