The nightcrawler kitteh: cat-napped.

7 Jul

I live in a dorm where no pet is allowed. The closest I had to having pets are the dogs owned by the landlady (may their souls be in doggie heaven) and few stray cats that hangout outside our gate. I even got so close to one kitteh that I bought her kibbles on a regular basis, fed her milk outside, and when she disappeared… I was really heartbroken.

For the past few years I always notice this female adult cat hanging around our house every night. She just lay in  a corner quietly, and observes my doings. She’s just a side character, the lead taken by this other gray male tabby who is so confident that he even rubs himself unto my legs. Nowadays, she’s the most notorious food thief in the house, making her way to human food sparingly left on the table. Some housemates who seems to never learn still provides food target for this naughty kitteh.


look at that confident and sassy face!

I know she likes me by the way I see her all comfortable with me around the house. She is usually on the run since she’s a “wanted criminal” by most of the people here because of the food that she stole away.

She usually stays outside my door, and one unfortunate night through the dark I unintentionally kicked her bloated belly! I was so afraid something bad happened to her because she failed to show up that specific night.


look at that cutie patootie fez oh!

Speaking of her bloated belly, people around here speculated that she’s forever pregnant because her belly doesn’t seem to deflate. My personal assumption is that her big “forever pregnant” belly is from eating in the garbage pile outside… some plastic failed to be digested and stayed as a mass inside her stomach. I wish I could help her, I know that her condition gives her discomfiture.


she really knows how to pose for the camera

One fine wee hours of the morning I saw here dozing off, I dragged her in my room hahaha. There she stayed on the floor near the door. She’s such a sweet lass, she forehead-bumps my hand every chance she got. I bought her a fancy feast once, and I might buy her one again if I remember when I’m doing my groceries. Kibbles are expensive nowadays, around Php110.00 per smallest bag (Friskies). I’ll think about it….

I think the greatest gift I can give her is a name. Any suggestions?




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