What your heart desires

7 Jul

So for my new work, I need to buy lotsa stuff. I’ve done shopping for a few tops and what nots, and all I need are bag and new pants. I went to NBI in Taft and since Robinsons Place Manila happens to be nearby so I decided to pay a visit after my clearance application stint.

After hours spent inside Robinsons Mall, I found myself empty handed. As originally planned, I rushed to Landmark for buzzer-beater shopping. I arrived 45 mins before closing time.

The other day I have already kept my eye on this particular orange bag. But since I’m not amenable with the retail price, I kept my options open with other styles almost half the price.


so pretty, them orange thangs!

I fell in love at first sight, but the I was dubious with the price tag. After switching sides trying to decide with the cheaper option (Diorella yellow + orange pipings worth Php599.00) I finally gave in. My main argument is that even though I might buy the cheaper one, my heart will still pine for the orange one and I will end up buying the cheaper one temporarily, and after a few days I will get back to buy what my heart really wants.

So to save myself the trouble and future expenses, I relented and marched to the cashier armed with my new orange bag. And from then on, I promised myself not to settle for anything less… because I know I deserve to get what I desire. And besides, it will be costly if I try to defer my choice, since my inner self always wins. =P

Add: Brand name of the bag is Paddington, and it was worth Php1,299.00. Yes I’m that cheapskate that I need to deliberate hard before buying something important with that amount. Anyways I’m pretty happy with my purchase since there’s an extra sling bag, and the buckles of the main bag are strong enough to hold my netbook. So this is a win-win situation, right? Haha.




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