Gadgets Wanted

14 Jul

I can’t say that I’m a hardcore gadget person, somebody who hoards the latest once they’ve arrived in the Philippine market. I haven’ t owned a single Apple product. And to date I only own two… a Lenovo s110 netbook and a Blackberry Torch 9300, after parting with my Samsung Galaxy Tab, Olympus MU underwater camera, Sony Xperia X2, and Acer TravelMate laptop within the last 12 months. For the moment, I’m quite contented with this two.

But as days go by, the need for upgrade ingrates itself upon me. And day after day, I am considering giving in. I don’t desire the latest of them, just the ones that will fill my needs:

1. Fast internet and multiple-gadget connectivity

Back in 2005 when I first get the taste of having a laptop (company-issued), I dreamt of a time when I can have wireless internet connection at home. At that time, the connections are cable-enabled. I go to internet cafes for my personal web browsing. I suffered a lot of times due to co-mingling with smelly and snooping kids at those internet shops. Also, I do personal browsing in our company computer hence I stay  late, up till midnight at the office.

Fast forward sometime year 2010, I managed to own a broadband connection. It was crappy I tell you. My first encounter was with a prepaid one, then I shifted to postpaid. From there, my internet life went downhill. Super slow connection, and at times I don’t have any at all. Sun Broadband managed to widen their coverage and strengthen the signal, but the capabilities of my connection are still nothing to be proud of.

Globe's ZTE T81 LTE

Globe’s ZTE T81 LTE

So when I got a new work and it provided me with cellphone allowance, I decided to get a phone line dedicated to my work. And beyond that, something that will remedy my current internet connection problems. Along comes ZTE T81 with LTE technology (pictured above). What I like about this phone is that this smartphone can double as a Wifi hotspot. That and the fact that it has 42mbps (you’ve read that correct) connectivity speed that is basic in most of LTE gadgets. Upon researching I found out that I can get this with Globe @ Plan 999 with UnliSurf (hope they don’t put a cap on data) plus 100PV worth of extra service. I plan to apply for it one month from now. Yes, I need to wait that long.

With this, I can use Wifi for other gadgets like my Blackberry which I intend to keep for my personal communications, and some of the gadgets I will mention below.

2. Reasonably-sized gadget that can double as e-book reader;data on the go

Of course when it comes to mini-tablets, Apple iPad Mini is a premium choice. Not only does it weigh close to nothing, the screen resolution is uncannily colorful.

Who in their right mind would get that black one anyways?

Who in their right mind would get that black one anyways?

I can definitely use this while browsing on the go, or passing time reading books. One downside as I’ve told was that this does not come with a built in Adobe reader. I guess i wouldn’t mind shelling off a few more bucks for the app. offer this at Php14,400 @16GB with service warranty, while slashed down their regular price from Php15,990 to Php14,499.  This made me think twice as Villman is more established than DBGadgets.


3. Power on the go to keep my phone and LTE gadget charged up

I haven’t decided on this portion yet, as I’ve not done extensive research on the best possible options that I have. I want to keep the budget at minimum, say in the range of Php3,000 only.


4. Wide-screen, high powered, mobile computer

I’ve been used to laptop as my main home computer. It’s just this year that I had the chance to purchase one (Acer Travelmate on installment), and I’m not quite satisfied with the performance. I’ve looked up some high powered laptops in the market and they cost more than Php30,000 which I find quite out of my budget. Bulky desktop is not option. I currently have a netbook which I use, but am having a hard time with the small 10.1 inch display.

HP Pavillion All in One PC

HP Pavillion All in One PC

Of course you could tell that I will instantly fall in love with this, and I did. That screen you see there is a whopping 20-inch display. Plus everything you need is there at the back. The keyboard may be a bit outdated though, and the mouse. But I can live with that. I’ve checked this out with shops and it’s around the Php20,000 price range.


5. Underwater camera and high-quality digicam

Anything orange will capture my attention. But aside from that factor, I believe that this baby is a value for money.

ohhh lala orange

ohhh lala orange

Most important for an outdoor person like me is the endurance of a camera with water and moisture. Almost always it rains, and you can’t just let snappy moments pass you by because you’re too afraid that your camera will not survive the elements. Would you believe that this costs only a little below Php7,000? I bought my first camera at a whopping Php15,000 without thinking much because I’m too hurried for my Davao trip. I regretted that decision, and from there promised not to cram-buy.

I know how low-quality the photos from underwater cameras are, and if I’m aiming for high-powered shots, I need to have a backup specifically for that. I’m not into the SLR-photography level, and I can content myself with several high quality digicams.

For tha purpose, I’m choosing between 3 cameras:

Canon S110

Canon S110


Lumix LX7

Lumix FZ100 - boasts high power zoom of 24X

Lumix FZ100 – boasts high power zoom of 24X


And since I’m on budget constraints, I need to prioritize the gadgets that I need to get as follows:

a. Globe Plan 999 with ZTE T81 LTE

b. Powerbank

c. Fuji XP50 underwater camera – Php6,700

d. HP Pavillion All in One PC – Php20,000

e. iPad Mini (white) -Php14,000

f. LX7 or FZ100 or Canon S110 – Php17,000

This technological upgrade will roughly cost me Php61,000 in all, which I don’t have at the moment. Lols. I need to save up and plan the acquisitions carefully so as not to interfere with my other expense priorities.

Not so long ago, I promised myself that I will not hop on the band wagon of gadget-crazy society, but change is inevitable. I’ll just keep it as practical as possible.


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