Glad That Globe Got My Back!

15 Jul


I have previously seen the Globe Telecom and Nuffnang invite for Globe users to share their stories on life happenings that made them grateful to be using Globe sim on their mobile. I can think of many instances with which I am grateful for Globe usage, but one incident particularly stood out. Sometime in June, I attempted to write about it since it had been nagging in my mind, but was too busy with personal dealings to finish it.

Earlier today, July 15, while checking my emails… I saw a Nuffnang email notification informing subscribers that Globe has extended the deadline. My heart is beating a little fast when I checked the email. Yes, I can still make it. Today, July 15, is the last day of submission of entries. At the back of my mind, I thought it might be fate calling up to me to share my experience.


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Sometime September last year, I decided to let go of my useless Olympus underwater camera. It had blurry pictures and I want to go for an upgrade. As like any other aspiring sellers, I turned to online communities like and to advertise. I gave out my contact details in the advertisements that I have posted for faster transactions.

underwater olympus

sleek but practically obsolete

As luck would have it, some person got interested and wanted to buy it pronto with the reduced price. I have little patience with online selling so the heck, I proceeded with the sale even though I feel ripped off. Don’t get me wrong, I love my gadgets but this one really had to go.

After several exchange of messages and from what I have gathered, we were to meet at SM Mall of Asia at around 10pm. I think I came from work on that day, and I have to go back to the house, pack for a trip for next day, then proceed to the meeting place. I left my Makati abode around 9:10pm and took a cab to get there.

I felt pretty proud of myself arriving around 9:30pm, and texted the other party that I’m already in the meeting place. I asked her where the exact meeting place is, and she told me I can wait in the activity area for she’s still on her way. Not knowing where that was, I asked the guards on duty about the place. They seemed confused and could not give me a confirmed answer where’s the activity area. Some even pointed me to the skating rink’s direction.

Exhausted, I read her text again. And to my horror, I realized that she’s expecting me in TRINOMA! I really don’t know how on earth I translated that 7-letter word to SM MALL OF ASIA! So that’s why I can’t find the said activity area.

even I was puzzled. lols

even I was puzzled. lols

Timecheck, it’s already 10:10pm. I literally ran amuck, hailing cab after cab to take me to MRT who’s last train trip is 10:30pm that day!  Options were running inside my head….I’ll take the MRT and get there fast, wait what time is it? Oh hell no, I need to catch the last trip! What if I missed the last trip? Inevitably I have to take the bus, which means around more than 2 hours of travel time. Will she wait for me? What if I offer to bring it to her place if I arrive so late? These thoughts streamed through my head as fast as my breathing.

After 5 minutes of flailing my fat arms on those nonchalant cabs, somebody took pity on me, for a price. He wanted Php100 from SM MOA to MRT Taft. That’s less than 3-5 minute drive! I relented since I’m emotionally exhausted already. What’s another buck if it will save my overall effort on this whole transaction, right?

After I relaxed in the backseat of the cab while we embarked on that not-so-long journey, I proceeded to inform my customer of the little kerfuffle that I was in and how I plan to go around it. There had been several worried texts from her, so I immediately replied back. To my chagrin… “message cannot be sent”. After several attempts, I checked my load balance. OMG! The hell I only have Php0.50 load balance on my account and that, as the BALANCE INQUIRY emphasized, is not enough to send  a message. More and more worried texts came my way, and my customer is threatening to go home since I have not been replying. I prayed and prayed for her to call instead, but apparently that idea never crossed her mind, lols.

So after paying that “highway robber” cabbie, I sprinted up the stairs of MRT…as I hear the announcement for the last train trip. I bought a single ride ticket, and raced my way past security check. I heaved a sigh of relief as I sat the near-empty train coach., but a little uneasy with the uncertainty whether the client had left already or if there’s a chance that she had stayed on and still there when I arrive after 20minutes or so of train ride. I was feeling hopeless and hopeful at the same time. I’m really exhausted and I want to get this transaction over with!

Ding, ding ding… sound coming from the train alarm system indicating that the doors are closing, and at the very same moment an uber bright idea passed me by.

GTSOS! How comforting those 5 letters are. For those non-Globe users, GTSOS is a service offered by Globe to its subscribers who need emergency text loads just like me. It gives you 3 text allocations which you can use to text other Globe users, and Php1 load if you’re in dire need of texting the other network. My mind’s fond of plans, and I hatched one the soonest I got the confirmation from Globe.

howleh mowleh... a savior indeed!

howleh mowleh… a savior indeed!

I texted my client a long explanation of what happened and a promise that I will be in TRINOMA in 20minutes time, which by the way consumed 2 Globe emergency text allocations. I also texted my non-Globe friend so that she can load my account Php25.00 and I can register for my regular “ATXT20”. Everything went according to plan, and I executed the sale transaction and disposed my trusty yet obsolete underwater camera.

As I am writing this, 4 hours before the deadline, my heart is racing and I somehow feel a remembrance of that rushed emotions that I have when the above story happened. I may not win on this contest, but being a Globe subscriber enjoying all the perks…I already feel like a winner.

oh yeah... like a winnur!

oh yeah… like a winnur!

Add: I’m also grateful for that Figaro Reward that I have claimed… providing a cheer-me-up meal just when I needed it the most.  For the story, here’s the link to the entry in my food blog –


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