SHOPAHOLIC: Officine + Alberto

13 Apr

To give you guys an update, I’m still working in a magazine publishing company where most employees eat and breathe fashion and style. I’m loving the aura at work, the fashion rebel and nonchalant me is being forcefully thrust to comply with the work norm. I view this as an advantage since it lifts me to finding my own style.

One of the first things I bought (since my new work) that I can consider trendy are my bags. I scoured the metro for the most stand-out design of bags from Officine and Alberto’s, and using my gift checks, managed to snag two mid-priced bags worthy of some raves.

Officine Bag in Silver (php2,825)

Officine Bag in Silver (php2,825)

After tiring store visits, I finally found the design I have been lemming for in Officine ATC.  Officine carries Jelly bags mostly, and I’m not that fond of the plastic finish. The one I liked has an interlocking floral design with metallic silver finish. One downside of this bag is the interior where it becomes a bottomless pit for me. Also, within the month of purchase, one metal lock on the floral design snapped. Good thing it didn’t affect the bag in a major kind of way. For outfit matching, I always pair this with tops that have solid, strong blocked colour like dark blue, bloody red etc. I need to find a shoe that will match this, aside from the usual black pumps.

Alberto's Gold Bag (php2,975)

Alberto’s Gold Bag (php2,975)

For Alberto’s, I have been meaning to get a sleek black office bag. Their designs don’t have that formal look, so I have to choose something that will be eye-catching. Browsing the bag designs on their website, I fell in love when I saw the golden accents on the black bag. I copied the model # from their website and called their Robinsons Galleria branch. Thank you to the nice staff who promised to get this bag for me, and texted me when my order arrived. I always pair this bag with any tops (except white and beige prints), since it looks good mostly on any colour. And this blends well with earthly hues.

I still need to get several bags in different colours (sleek black, white, brown, blue, print) to have greater flexibility in mixing and matching outfits. This is something new to me, since I just started considering fashion and style less than a year ago. Looking forward to mega shopping spree :D.





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