Top 10 Bucketlist Items for the Last Half of 2014

10 May

Most people maintain a bucketlist of things to achieve before a specific time. This helps in the planning process, and kind of reminds the writer of their self-promise of attainment. Some have a few goals to achieve, while some have a mile-long list.

I have seen tons of bucket lists entries by other bloggers, and I must say that travel and financial management is one common factor. I do have a bucket list of my own, and it is quite extensive so I’ve decided to trim it down to my top 10 to be more realistic.

This list is in no particular order:

1.  Mt. Fuji  + Tokyo Trip

          For as long as I can remember, I have been smitten by the thoughts of viewing the plains while on top of this majestic peak. One of the landmarks in every mountaineer’s life is climbing this famous Japanese mountain. As in, sikat ka if you went to Mt. Fuji. This is some sort of a turista climb, but nevertheless an achievement on my part in case this pushes through. The climb symbolizes my resolve in making things happen, just like this childhood dream. Aja!

See you soon....

See you soon….

          CebuPacific made it cheap for me to head to Tokyo via Narita this year. Last December 2013, I booked an RT ticket for Php6,200 only under their PISO FARE promo. My trip will almost coincide with the Obon Week, and it is also a great opportunity to visit my relatives residing in the outskirts of the city. I already have a list of food I want to try, and will discreetly hint my cousin to cook some for me. One word: CURRY!

Ebi Curry! (credits to photo owner)

Ebi Curry! (credits to photo owner)

Status: In progress

2.  Bukit Timah + Malaysia – Singapore Trip

          It had been my lifelong goal to climb every country’s highest peak. For the moment, I only have two in my outdoor resume — Mt. Apo for Philippines and Mt. Kinabalu for Malaysia. I intend to climb the easiest first, those being Doi Inthanon for Thailand, Victoria Peak for Hongkong, and Bukit Timah for Singapore. That being said, once presented with the opportunity to rebook my flight to a route currently being served by Air Asia PH at no extra cost (AirAsia PH hub in Miri closed recently) I immediately knew where to go. Of course I have to grab the chance of visiting Malaysia and Singapore in a single trip. Luckily I originally allotted 5 days for this trip, so I managed to squeeze the many destinations I intend to visit on these two countries.

Highest but not that high.... (photo credit:

Highest but not that high…. (photo credit:

The plane tickets for the original flight to Miri costs around Php1,696 roundtrip. Sweet ayt?!

Status: In progress

3.  Stick to the financial plan

           Every end of the year, I’m always giddy in preparing an excel file for my incoming year’s financial management strategy. In short, the planned inflow and outflow of cash to which I need to live by for the next 12 months.

          Sad to say, I never stuck with those plans, and ended up giving in to impulses like unplanned shopping, unnecessary splurge on dining out, unbudgeted trips…among others. To make up with the non-compliance I always attempt to revise the budget every now and then. Again, to no avail.

Easy to make, hard to follow

Budget plan: easy to make, hard to follow (photo credit: )

So for the rest of 2014 I’ve decided to just budget my major living expenses, and the remainder of the pay-out will go lumpsum to an account where I would assign secondary expenses like shopping, travel, etc. All my travels and shopping budgets are pre-assigned. At the end of it I just need to follow my daily living expenses and the rest will follow.

Status: In progress



4.  HK-Macau for New Year

         Ever since I’ve earned my own living, I’ve never brought my mother outside the Philippines with me. This is mainly due to the fact that I haven’t been regularly out of the country myself, my only sojourn dates back in 2011 when I climbed Mt. Kinabalu in Sabah. So to make up for the lost opportunities of letting her see the world as a tourist (she’s an OFW most of her life), I’m planning on bringing her to Hongkong and Macau for the New Year celebration. I’m after the fireworks display and of course, some shopping splurges for us both.

This and shopping.

This and shopping (photo credit:

         My tentative period for this is the last days of December 2014 onto the first days of January 2015.

Status: Not yet started


5.  Take the first steps in CIA certification

         If I’m guilty of procrastination, the above task is the gravest victim of it. Heck, I’ve been reviewing for the IIA certification exam since 2007. Ok so what’s an CIA certification? First let me introduce myself as an Internal Audit professional. A CIA certification for a person who’s in the IA profession is like a golden ticket to better job opportunities and benefits negotiation. This will essentially up my ante in the employment game.


Years in the making, hopefully will not turn to a decade (photo credit:

         There are series of steps before the actual exam, and as Lao Tzu had shared “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. I don’t want to think of it as a tedious journey, but rather an enticing goal that I need to accomplish.

         So to begin the accomplishment plan for this goal, I first need to renew my membership with IIA, and to register myself for the exam process. Baby steps, but once done this will set the wheel in motion. I’m hoping to do these 2 simple tasks within the year.

Status: not yet started


6.  Wardrobe upgrade

One of the implied requirements of working in the magazine/publishing industry is to dress up to the norms in the office attire department. Most of my professional life, I’ve been trained to dress up in plain suits— which means pants + blazers with blouses underneath. The pressure of keeping up with the day to day fashion show in the office is quite nagging and is pushing me to level up in this area.

This is pressure!

This is pressure!

My current wardrobe is a failure, and I need to reinvent an image for myself and dress up for it. I’m allotting shopping budgets on my every out-of-the-country trips so that I can hit two birds in one stone. Once everything is in order, I might incorporate an OOTD portion on this blog. Watch out for it!

Status: In progress


7.  Tablet + digicam

         Admittedly, I’m an online person. I may not communicate that often with friends online, but I’m a heavy user of information from the world wide web. I’m always hooked on news feed from Twitter, and interesting articles from sites such as Mashable, Huffington Post, and the likes. Currently, I’m using my Blackberry Torch which has a 3.2” screen display for my browsing-on-the-go needs, and my netbook when at home. Apparently, I find the screen size and the browser capacity a bit disappointing and not suitable for my voracious online info needs hence I need to upgrade to a light gadget that can deliver. I’m currently eyeing tablets from Ramos, a tablet manufacturer from China which provides quality tablets at a fraction of the cost of the branded items on the market.

I will find you!

I will find you! (photo credit:

         In line with the gadget for browsing upgrade, I also need to shift to a digital camera when it comes to taking photos. Of course, my travels nowadays are not that cheap hence I need to capture the moment with better gadgets so that I can frame my priceless trips. I want to buy a Canon S series digicam. Currently I’m using my phone camera to take photos. (Hey, my BB phone’s so useful right?)

I have a thing for white gadgets

I have a thing for white gadgets

Status: Not yet started

8.  Family emergency fund

         We all experience different kinds of family emergencies at some point. Now to have a separate fund for such emergencies will be convenient for me and my mother. I plan to set aside a small sum where we can get cash for emergencies such as hospitalization (knock on wood), out-of-the-blue trips and other unplanned expenses. I initially started asking around about the auto-deduct feature of BPI accounts, and will try to drop by one of these days to fill out the forms and submit my requirements.

in case of emergency... (photo not mine)

in case of emergency… (photo not mine)

Status: In progress


9.  Conquer fear of heights

People are surprised when I tell them that I’m afraid of heights. They all assume that since I’m a mountaineer, I have special affinity/craving for heights. That’s partly true. I crave to be on top of the mountains, but at the expense of swallowing up my fear of altitude. This is an example of intense desire over fear.

greatest view from here (photo credit:

greatest view from here (photo credit:

To take my crusade against fear of heights a notch up, I plan to immerse myself with outdoor activities involving what else, but heights. These slew of activities are paragliding, solo plane flying, rock climbing, rapelling, bungee jumping, and ultimately sky diving. For this year, I can commit myself to rapelling and paragliding.

Status: Not yet started


10. Swimming lessons

         As with my previous bucket list items, it’s quite evident that although I love the outdoors, I’m not as fond of the waters. And as a result, I have been postponing for the longest time the goal of learning how to wade in the waters a.k.a. swimming.

There's one in Kapitolyo, and hosts BLSS (photo not mine)

There’s one in Kapitolyo, and hosts BLSS (photo not mine)

        I’m quite fortunate that my current residence is near a well-known water spa which also hosts my choice of swimming school, Bert Lozada. What I need now to jumpstart this goal are budget, time, commitment, good pair of swim suits, and a body that can fit in a swim suit and not look ridiculuous.

Status: Not yet started

I shared this list with you so that we could together check whether I was able to achieve the above-listed goals within the year. Hopefully and with enough commitment and effort I will check off all of these in time! 😀


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