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Payday Haul: Thrifting

1 Jun

With my out-of-the-country trip at the helm, I should be scrambling to save on my day to day expenses. I did quite the opposite this weekend.

I don’t know about you on payday, but I always feel like I have some sort of right to spend more money out of the ordinary. After halting my shopping galore late last year, I’m now resolute in upgrading the wardrobe.

Simple and casual

Simple and casual

Due to my necessity of having decent footwear while walking to and fro the office, I decided to buy a cheap everyday shoes that I can easily dispose when the need arises. I budgeted Php500.00 for a modest pair…but got lucky when I chanced upon these from a stall inside Edsa Central mall. It costed Php250.00 with various colors to choose from. I opted for black so that I can match it with any outfit.

Classy yet affordable

Classy yet affordable

I was just looking around inside Edsa Central mall when several colorful blouses caught my eye. The boutique where the eye-candy clothes are displayed have banners about their ongoing sale. Yay! I browsed through the assortments of their displays, tried on a few twice or thrice at the fitting room, and came home with two polka dot tops. The beige polka dot is XL in size, and the black one is L. Quite ambitious for my size lols! But honestly, the black XL doesn’t fit well and is too loose. They were Php250.00 each.


Love the color!

And for the title of this post….thrifting! Yes, I went to a thrift shop that I again chanced upon as I was roaming around the mini-mall. The choices are good, and the price is cheap! Php100 for every top! I lament that I’m quite big in stature, that I have to take a pass on some great finds that are a size or two smaller than me. 😦 Anyways, I didn’t try to fit my loots. When I got home and tried them on, only one fits and it’s not a good one! Must not eat pronto!

I got one colorful hearts blouse, a nice blue top, a Yonex shirt, and a dri-fit polo shirt. Pretty practical for Php400.00 in total. But then again, some dieting to fit in those great purchases.

Till next payday haul! Ciao!