Scents Haul: Zenzest Overload

11 Jul

Smelling good can make a big difference in a person’s everyday confidence.  Based on experience, my day is always brighter whenever I don something that smells nice on me.

I’m not biggie on pricey perfume. Anything that smells good is fine. One of the few scents that I liked was Alyssa Ashley Musk for women. However, this costs a bit over Php1,500 as far as I can remember, and for the moment I’m not willing to shell out that amount yet just for  perfumes. My current stash of generic whatever fragrances are fast depleting, when I decided to avail myself of some Zenzest GC worth Php1,000 from our office store.

Scents shopping galore worth roughly Php1,000.00

Scents shopping galore worth roughly Php1,000.00

I’ve tried one or two of Zenzest’s spray-ons, and I must say that they’re pretty fragrant enough for their cheap prices. Besides, I can spritz all I want without feeling guilty on the hefty price of what I’m using. So off I went to Shangrila Mall, armed with my GC. Their stall in Shangrila is located at the lower ground floor in front of the food court.

The girls at the shop are ecstatic upon learning that I will be purchasing products worth Php1,000. Kind of a break from their pretty slow day. I went from bottle to bottle, sniffing coffee beans in between to cleanse my olfactory and avoid scents overdrive. After going from end to end and covered the four corner space of their small stall, I came up with this mix of odds and ends of scents that appealed to me. I’m quite disappointed however when the staff forgot to include one of my order in the purchase. Anyhoo, I can always go back.

"Impression of Incanto Shine" (php180)

“Impression of Incanto Shine” (php180)

The appeal of the different scents of what I bought is different in the everyday use of the cologne assortments. “Impression of Incanto Shine” came out as a favourite with its fresh from the shower smell.

Scent Station #01 twinsies (Php90 for 2)

Scent Station #01 twinsies (Php90 for 2)

This came in second, and this is the first scent that I bought from them.

Magenta (roughly Php250)

Magenta (roughly Php250)

I use this fragrance in the office, not for myself but to freshen up my work area. Or just when I feel like splashing myself with some nice scents.

"Impression of D&G Light Blue (php180)

“Impression of D&G Light Blue (php180)

I rarely use this and planned on sending it to my mom. The smell is light to the point of nausea.

"Impression of Moon Sparkle" (Php180)

“Impression of Moon Sparkle” (Php180)

 This smells uberly sweet and heavy. I use this when I go out to do chores like groceries in nearby stores etc.

Room Fragrance - Calming (Php280)

Room Fragrance – Calming (Php280)

Does work only on the few seconds that you are spritzing your space with these. Does not stay too long.

Will I buy again? Of course, I’ll hoard on Incanto Shine, lols. But I’m also considering on buying Issey Miyake perfume so….let’s just see. But all in all, if you’re looking for cheap scents to perk your confidence up, Zenzest is not a bad choice.


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