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Payday Haul: Thrifting

1 Jun

With my out-of-the-country trip at the helm, I should be scrambling to save on my day to day expenses. I did quite the opposite this weekend.

I don’t know about you on payday, but I always feel like I have some sort of right to spend more money out of the ordinary. After halting my shopping galore late last year, I’m now resolute in upgrading the wardrobe.

Simple and casual

Simple and casual

Due to my necessity of having decent footwear while walking to and fro the office, I decided to buy a cheap everyday shoes that I can easily dispose when the need arises. I budgeted Php500.00 for a modest pair…but got lucky when I chanced upon these from a stall inside Edsa Central mall. It costed Php250.00 with various colors to choose from. I opted for black so that I can match it with any outfit.

Classy yet affordable

Classy yet affordable

I was just looking around inside Edsa Central mall when several colorful blouses caught my eye. The boutique where the eye-candy clothes are displayed have banners about their ongoing sale. Yay! I browsed through the assortments of their displays, tried on a few twice or thrice at the fitting room, and came home with two polka dot tops. The beige polka dot is XL in size, and the black one is L. Quite ambitious for my size lols! But honestly, the black XL doesn’t fit well and is too loose. They were Php250.00 each.


Love the color!

And for the title of this post….thrifting! Yes, I went to a thrift shop that I again chanced upon as I was roaming around the mini-mall. The choices are good, and the price is cheap! Php100 for every top! I lament that I’m quite big in stature, that I have to take a pass on some great finds that are a size or two smaller than me. 😦 Anyways, I didn’t try to fit my loots. When I got home and tried them on, only one fits and it’s not a good one! Must not eat pronto!

I got one colorful hearts blouse, a nice blue top, a Yonex shirt, and a dri-fit polo shirt. Pretty practical for Php400.00 in total. But then again, some dieting to fit in those great purchases.

Till next payday haul! Ciao!


Top 10 Bucketlist Items for the Last Half of 2014

10 May

Most people maintain a bucketlist of things to achieve before a specific time. This helps in the planning process, and kind of reminds the writer of their self-promise of attainment. Some have a few goals to achieve, while some have a mile-long list.

I have seen tons of bucket lists entries by other bloggers, and I must say that travel and financial management is one common factor. I do have a bucket list of my own, and it is quite extensive so I’ve decided to trim it down to my top 10 to be more realistic.

This list is in no particular order:

1.  Mt. Fuji  + Tokyo Trip

          For as long as I can remember, I have been smitten by the thoughts of viewing the plains while on top of this majestic peak. One of the landmarks in every mountaineer’s life is climbing this famous Japanese mountain. As in, sikat ka if you went to Mt. Fuji. This is some sort of a turista climb, but nevertheless an achievement on my part in case this pushes through. The climb symbolizes my resolve in making things happen, just like this childhood dream. Aja!

See you soon....

See you soon….

          CebuPacific made it cheap for me to head to Tokyo via Narita this year. Last December 2013, I booked an RT ticket for Php6,200 only under their PISO FARE promo. My trip will almost coincide with the Obon Week, and it is also a great opportunity to visit my relatives residing in the outskirts of the city. I already have a list of food I want to try, and will discreetly hint my cousin to cook some for me. One word: CURRY!

Ebi Curry! (credits to photo owner)

Ebi Curry! (credits to photo owner)

Status: In progress Continue reading

Peeping Kitteh!

8 Dec

Something amusing I found at cDR king. Cat phone plug for cat lovers.


Update: My Life So Far

13 Oct

Three months flew by so fast. July, August, September. Here I am living my 4th month in my current job post, and still trying to figure out if I have contributed to the company so far. 

Also, October is my birth month. My birthday already passed quietly. I have held 2 birthday dinner so far, with 2 more underway. I can’t believe that I’m at the end of my calendar age. Yikes! Why oh why, I feel so young still!

I have succeeded in booking my first flight of the year. I’ll be spending my Undas again in Northern Mindanao. I need to book one more roundtrip for my Christmas vacation. I have decided to be in Cebu for Christmas and move on to Negros Island for Dumaguete and Bacolod for the rest of my year-end vacation.

Two of my close friends already moved out of the country. Well, the other one is still here, but she’s pegged to move out next month. And we’re making most of our times together. 

My 3rd quarter already drew to a close, and I still have a bright and sunny disposition while living my last quarter of 2013. I hope to keep the optimism, and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt this happy and contented in a long time.


Such convenience!

30 Jun

CDR King Optical Mouse (php150)

I’m so thankful that I finally dragged my ass to CDR King in Guadalupe mall and bought this lovely mouse. My netbook has a small trackpad and it kinda felt weird under my fingers.  Now, I feel like my browsing time is being cut into half since I can move the cursor twice as fast. This also has a scroll wheel, I don’t need to drag the cursor to the side to scroll up or down… or use the scroll arrows. Plus the cute red design. The 2-hour waiting time on queue at CDR King (nothing new here— no improvement ever since) was well worth it. This mouse is truly ergonomic.

I also snagged a Php80 12-digit calculator. Dirt cheap, and it functions fine. For my sudden calculating needs… this saves time in opening an excel sheet or using my phone calculator. Highly useful during time-constrained moments of computing (read: Triviador math question).

CDR King truly amazes me with their vast collection of knick knacks. Next item to buy is a wand scanner worth around Php2,500. Gotta save up for that. 😀

Change Management

20 Jun


It has been more than a year now since I have taken that leap and never looked back. My life and career is still a work in progress, but I’m thankful to have finally seen the light, that calling which will drive my work path and life decisions in the coming years.

For starters, I’m quite certain now that I want to achieve two certifications that are crucial to my career. Also, I’m definite that I want to take the master studies, and I want to take it in a specific graduate school. And last but not the least, I finally found my work vision and mission.

My experience these past year proves accomplishing my mission is no easy task. You have to master the art of change management for one, on top of continuously honing your technical expertise, honing your project management skills, and developing your relationship management.

For now, I might have to detour from this mission for a greater cause. But when I have set my sight on something, the nagging feeling of accomplishing it lingers. As I’m waiting for my short-term fate, I’ll try to jumpstart this mission by planning ahead, drafting my strategies, and preparing the necessary artillery that I will need to conquer the obstacles and make this dream come true.

I wish me luck. 😀

Day 1: Respect

8 May

Today is that start of my happiness project. I figured that an a day-to-day monitoring may be too much of a task for me, so I’d rather share only those days that meant something extra.

1. A wink from “him”.

We’re not in good terms so a simple wink from him is a sign that things might get better later on.
2. Hearing that “least favorite” staff great me “Ma’am” over the phone.

I know this might sound like I’m power tripping, but this girl at the office kind of puts on that nonchalance mode whenever I’m around. Other staff at the office are always greeting me with a happy face, except for her who avoids any eye contact. So I just assume that she doesn’t like me. Today when she answered the phone, I tried to be extra polite to her and told her of my appreciation of her efforts in answering my questions.
3. Sharing a meryenda table with our HR Manager and have some catch-up chismis.

These past few months I have not been as enthusiastically chatting with our HR Manager as before. So when I had the chance, I stayed to accompany her as she’s finishing up her breakfast. She got called up by the boss though.
4. My colleague Manager asked for my permission before getting that extra table.

This is what I call R-E-S-P-E-C-T. There were past incidents where I have felt disrespected by my colleagues, as they get office furnishings from my area without my permission. Even the assigned OJTs were withdrawn without giving me notice.
5. Drafting tax compliance checklist

I may not be as productive as I hope to be, but I finally drafted that darn checklist. I just hope that
6. Buko shake!

Well, what can I say… addicting! Any buko shake will do, except those stalls on LRT/MRT. Tasted not-so-fresh.
7. Finding old shoes from my office things

Some of them can still fit me. I guess it’s like uncovering buried treasures. Lols.
8. Cup of lemonade coolers while staring at a not so busy curbside, gathering my thoughts.

My new favorite cooler-place is Infini-Tea. A friend once commented “ayoko sa kanila, parang kabute lang na nagsusulputan”. I’m glad that I’ve discovered this corner place around Burgos St. near Makati Avenue.


All in all, this seems like a happy day for me. This day is all about respect for me at the office. You may not think of it as important but it has a great impact in one’s over-all self confidence. For me, it’s forgetting the negative thoughts, and basking on the sunshine of happiness.