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Update: My Life So Far

13 Oct

Three months flew by so fast. July, August, September. Here I am living my 4th month in my current job post, and still trying to figure out if I have contributed to the company so far. 

Also, October is my birth month. My birthday already passed quietly. I have held 2 birthday dinner so far, with 2 more underway. I can’t believe that I’m at the end of my calendar age. Yikes! Why oh why, I feel so young still!

I have succeeded in booking my first flight of the year. I’ll be spending my Undas again in Northern Mindanao. I need to book one more roundtrip for my Christmas vacation. I have decided to be in Cebu for Christmas and move on to Negros Island for Dumaguete and Bacolod for the rest of my year-end vacation.

Two of my close friends already moved out of the country. Well, the other one is still here, but she’s pegged to move out next month. And we’re making most of our times together. 

My 3rd quarter already drew to a close, and I still have a bright and sunny disposition while living my last quarter of 2013. I hope to keep the optimism, and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt this happy and contented in a long time.