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24 Mar

Don’t you love my new layout? For the longest time the combination of red, gray, black and white never fails to elucidate nostalgia and class.

Hope this will bring out my creative juices.



Chasing titles

12 Mar


Out of my mind, I registered online for an entrance examination in a law school. Remaining steps include paying at the school cashier and securing the test permit. I still have time to consider if I can do this.

I also have the CIA to worry about, and that CIA exam is still my priority.

But who can resist being tagged as… “law school drop-out”?

Sounds glamorous di ba?



Caffeinated Evening

10 Mar

Tonight is just like any other night. Fleeting thoughts…. I was like floating in the air. My existence seemed vivid, I could hardly notice myself.

I bought instant coffee from a convenience store. I am still feeling a different kind of low, which I have felt all throughout the week. Even excused myself from work yesterday.

Going back to the coffee. I put it to good use with some hot water. Sat alone and quiet in a deserted pantry. Almost everybody went home already. Busy musing I didn’t notice an officemate who greeted me with “O, nagiisa ka na naman jan”.

We talked of things, it went to my travels and stuff. I told her that I have no money for a decent weekend getaway. Of which she then replied…

“Mahirap talaga pag naumpisahan na ang card noh?”

I couldn’t agree more.

Then I told her how I felt sorry that I used my card for nothing.

“Yung mga travel mo… yun na ang investment mo”.

It made me smile.

No, I think this night is a bit different.