SHOPAHOLIC: I Pay More on Payless Slippers

7 May

Bad shoe decisions can at times cost you a lot. This I have to learn the painful way.

I was preparing to leave the office to meet a friend in Edsa Shang Mall when I was faced with the decision of either wearing an ugly flats or a nice high heels. Edsa Shang is a good few blocks away from our office, and at that time I deemed it wise to wear something that will hide my hideously untended toenails.

I felt ok a few meters away of walking, but the strain grew thrice-fold when I covered around a hundred meters of ground on a limp. It got worse when I arrived at the mall, and tried desperately to find some ankle stockings to ease out the pressure caused by my sweating feet.

My friend Nette arrived via MRT, and saw how bad my discomfort is. She advised me to buy something to replace my high heel shoes, as I told her that we have a long walk ahead of us to Astora Plaza where I will be treating her for some catch up dinner. We then went to Payless shoe store, and my initial plan was to buy an ankle stockings I saw a while ago. Wow! One pair of the stockings is worth Php150 at the minimum! Ok so I have no other option but to buy some decent and cheap footwear, aka beach slippers.

Montano Bay in Pink (php245)

Montego Bay in Pink (php245)

Good thing they have this not-so-cheap baby in stock. I chose this Montego Bay slippers among other options since this is the cheapest. This was not a planned purchase, nor do I intend to buy a flipflop since I don’t have beach plans in the near future. To console myself with the misfortune of overspending, I chose the one in pink. My foot were not pretty in those slip-ons but boy do they feel good beneath my feet! Like stepping on buttery marshmallows.

And yes, with the cost of this new pair I could have easily snagged a new pair of cheap flats I can use for everyday walking to and fro the office. And that I can easily buy a slipper not more than half the price of this one. Sigh…chose comfort next time to avoid unnecessary expense such as this. Sigh…..




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